Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who you calling ugly?

As mentioned in my previous post, the web has been abuzz over FlexMonkey this week. I noticed that was referencing us and so I clicked on over to see what they had to say. Here's the quote from Bruce Eckel:
Looking closer to home, Jon Rose at Gorilla Logic has just released Flex Monkey, a free tool to automatically test your Flex UIs. I've known Jon through various events so decided to look at the site. As with many sites, it contains a fair amount of cleverness but no clear statement of what they are about. However, among the slogans I found one that I thought had promise: "The answer is not more monkeys." It's succinct, catchy, and on the right track, because it's suggesting that more things should be automated (and Flex Monkey is an example of that kind of automation). Alas, the rest of the site doesn't give me a clear idea of what they do.
Now I've done some hanging with Bruce and he's someone I like and respect, so I talked to our graphic designers and had them make some changes to our home page.



In all seriousness, we do appreciate any and all feedback on the site (and we do really like Bruce).

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