Thursday, December 16, 2010

FlexMonkium 4.1.4 Released!

We are pleased to announce the newest version of FlexMonkium, Gorilla Logic's plugin that adds Flex recording and playback capabilities to the Selenium web testing framework. FlexMonkium 4.1.4, available for download from

FlexMonkium 4.1.4 includes some important enhancements, bug fixes and usability features including:

  • Support for running FlexMonkey tests in Internet Explorer with Selenium-RC. Previous versions of FlexMonkium only supported Firefox.
  • Bug fixes for the getFlexMonkeyValue command, which now reliably retrieves values from properties and table cells.
  • Commands can now be made to wait for a component to appear before executing. For example, a command for clicking on a button will wait for the button to appear before attempting to click it.
  • Ability to verify (or retrieve) values for property path expressions. For example, you can verify the number of rows in a DataGrid with the path expression "dataProvider.length".
  • By default, all commands and verifies are now recorded as "WaitFor..." commands, which eliminates the need in most cases to slow or pause script execution to give components time to appear on the display.
  • The XML recorded by Selenium-IDE for FlexMonkey commands has been simplified to make reading and editing easier.
FlexMonkium 4.1.4 is the successor to FlexMonkium 1.1. We changed the version numbering so that it syncs up with FlexMonkey version numbering (which we in turn changed last year to sync up with Flex version numbering).

To upgrade to FlexMokium 4.1.4, install the new console and download the new zip file. Upgrade the Firefox plugin by opening flexmonkium.xpi in Firefox. You will need to compile your app with the latest automation_monkey swc file. You will additionally need to use the new version of user-extensions.js with Selenium-RC.

Happy testing!