Thursday, March 31, 2011


The web is abuzz today with speculation about just what James Gosling will be doing for his new employer, Google. My own two cents are included in this post from John Waters at Application Development Trends.

Friday, March 4, 2011

FoneMonkey 4.2c improves text input handling

We very pleased to announce the availability of FoneMonkey 4.2c which improves handling for UITextField and UITextView components.

4.2c provides robust handling of keyboard input, including recording of the Return key, and fixes an issue where sometimes touch events that ended field editing would be recorded prior to recording the text input itself. On playback, FoneMonkey now triggers all appropriate delegate methods and notifications.

We believe that keyboard-related input issues were the last major problem facing us and 4.2c should reliably provide recording and playback for virtually all common user interface gestures.

Script and generated code storage has been moved back to the base Documents directory to make it easier to use iTunes to move scripts on and off iPhone and iPad devices. FoneMonkey scripts are now suffixed with .fm. You will need to rename any existing scripts.

FoneMonkey 4.2c is available for immediate download at Thanks for the continued feedback. Your input is the primary factor determining what we tackle next!