Tuesday, March 16, 2010

FoneMonkey 0.7.1 Released

Thanks to the intrepid souls who have taken the plunge into the first ever public release of FoneMonkey, we got some great feedback from 0.7 users and have just posted a new release, 0.7.1, with several important bug fixes and feature enhancements, notably:


* WaitFor command - You can cause script execution to wait for views to be created or property values to be set
* "Popup Dialog" handling - You can now script UIAlertViews and UIAlertSheets.
* Better control event handling for UITextFields.

Bug fixes:

* OCUnit runner crash
* UINavigationBar rightItem playback

FoneMonkey 0.7.1 can be downloaded from FoneMonkey Project Home. We can understand if you considered 0.7 to be too early a release to try, but surely you'll feel differently about 0.7.1, which includes not one, but two, decimal points.

In all honesty, FoneMonkey, while not yet bug free, is quite stable and will definitely make your life better, at least in terms of iPhone testing.