Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The monkey has landed!

FlexMonkey 1.0 is here! After nearly nine months of gestation we've delivered what is undoubtedly the premier record/playback testing automation tool for Adobe Flex and AIR applications. And it's free!

For the thousands of folks who are already using FlexMonkey 0.8, FlexMonkey 1.0 brings significant new functionality including a completely revamped user interface which makes it much easier to record and playback tests. We've also added the ability to take snapshots of portions of the screen or of property values to be verified during playback. In addition to testing Flex apps, FlexMonkey 1.0 for the first time provides direct support for testing AIR apps. The FlexMonkey Console is now itself an AIR app, but can launch standalone as well as browser-based SWFs for testing.

Please let us show you our monkey at http://flexmonkey.gorillalogic.com! You can also check out Gorilla Logic's Flex service offerings at http://www.gorillalogic.com/what.development.services.flex.html.

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