Monday, August 17, 2009

FlexMonkey 1.0 Beta 2 and the FlexMonkey User Guide are here!

Announcing the immediate availability of FlexMonkey 1.0 Beta 2! After the very successful Beta 1 launch last month, we are pleased to bring you Beta 2. Since Beta 1 had very frew issues, Beta 2 is much more of an enhancement than a bug-fix release.

Most notably, Beta 2 introduces "MonkeyLink", which allows you to link FlexMonkey directly into your target SWF. If you have had any problems dynamically loading your application through the FlexMonkey Console or the MonkeyAgent, you can now instead compile MonkeyLink into your application SWF, and then launch your application directly. Using MonkeyLink, you can test virtually any Flex or AIR application. Dynamic SWF loading with the Console or the MonkeyAgent are of course still supported so you also continue to have the option of testing SWFs without having to first recompile them.

Download FlexMonkey 1.0 Beta 2 now at!

The long-awaited FlexMonkey User Guide is available at! Weighing in at nearly 60 pages, the FlexMonkey User Guide is like having your very own Eric Owens!

Happy testing!

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