Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FoneMonkey 4.2 adds iOS UIAutomation Support

We're excited (especially since now we can finally get some sleep) to announce the availability of FoneMonkey 4.2, the latest incarnation of Gorilla Logic's free and open source functional testing tool for iOS apps on the iPhone and iPad.

FoneMonkey 4.2 includes numerous bug fixes and adds several significant new features including:

  • Generation of ready-to-run OCUnit test scripts - Automatically convert "native" FoneMonkey test scripts to Objective-C code that can be extended with Objective-C control logic to add control flow or data-driving logic to your tests.
  • Generation of ready-to-run JavaScript-based tests for Apple's UIAutomation Framework - Automatically convert "native" FoneMonkey scripts to JavaScript code that can be run in Apple's Automation Instrument. You can uyse FoneMonkey to record UIAutomation scripts which allows for test scripts to be maintained in JavaScript rather than Objective-C. Since these UIAutomation scripts require no FoneMonkey libraries to run, they can be executed against "release" builds of your application.
  • Recording and Playback of Device Rotation - You can record and playback device rotations on the simulator or on devices.

This release is a significant step forward in the maturing of the FoneMonkey project. Thanks to the members of the FoneMonkey community for providing the feedback and support essential to making FoneMonkey a continuing success.

FoneMonkey 4.2 is available for download at http://www.gorillalogic.com/fonemonkey.

Happy testing!


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