Saturday, February 27, 2010

FlexMonkium: The Movie

Once again, we bring you a video smuggled at great risk from Gorilla Logic Labs, deep beneath the surface of the Earth.

Last week, on this very blog, the world first learned of FlexMonkium, the FlexMonkey plug-in for Selenium. Now, we are pleased to present this exclusive video of FlexMonkium in action, allowing Selenium IDE to record both browser and Flex application interactions within a single Selenium script.

Although the recorded scenario is seemingly simple, it is actually quite wonderful. Selenium IDE begins recording on a plain html page, and continues recording as we navigate to a page containing a Flex application, and Flex application interactions are recorded to the script. Recording continues as we hit an html link ("Back") outside the Flex application in the browser page. For good measure, we continue recording as we navigate again to the page with the Flex app for further interaction, and then navigate back to the plain html page. All Flex and browser interactions have been recorded to a single Selenium script!

And of course, playback works as well.

Just a few more weeks and we'll be ready to release FlexMonkum! If you're interested in early access, please let us know.

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